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Making Changes, Again


Since owning I have changed the purpose and design of this website so many times. The domain name is a reflection of my original intentions. I always thought that M.J. Camara sounded like the name of an author, and in the beginning, I idolized the idea of me writing. However, time has proven that there has not been much effort put into my writing at all. Well, I'm writing a blog now, and guess what? I changed the design of yet again.

1: Letting Go Of A Completely Custom Style

Another dream was for me to come up with a unique and stunning style for this site, but I woke up. Design is not my strongest passion, and I did not want to keep up with all the considerations needed to maintain it. This website is using Bootstrap and that works great. Bootstrap is a project that I am very familiar with and have even contributed to the code, so it felt natural to use it for my site.

2: PUG

One of the tools that has interested me since the beginning of my career is template rendering engines. Out of all the ones I have been exposed to, the rendering engine that spoke out to me was PUG. PUG defines a simple and compact syntax compared to HTML. Although esoteric at times, the benefits of templating, mixins, and no closing tags eclipse those concerns for me.

3: It Is Okay To Like Light Themes

At the time of writing this, I have felt that most younger developers like myself have dark mode set for everything in their toolbox. For me, both light mode and dark mode are great color schemes to use depending on context, and typically I use a mix of the two. There is light mode to help me focus, and dark mode to prevent the eyestrain.

4: Having Fun!

At the end of the day, my website is my digital sandbox and I should be doing what I want with it. We only have so much time to live on our little blue dot, and we should make the most of it.